Problems & Visions

The Service Design Trap

In the past few weeks, I was involved in numerous service design projects. They range from re-design of an existing service, to clearing up portfolio of services, to UX testing and to new service design. Although the projects come from various industries including security, retail and construction, what all have in common is that firms often tend to fall into the Service Design Trap.

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Why we need good service design? Seth Godin gives in this older presentation a couple of reasons for the Problem part of Problems&Visions. The video has been recentlz posted on TED website.

Fighting Information Obesity

Information obesity is not yet being diagnosed as a serious problem and yet I believe it’s an issue in today’s society. We wake up during the night and go check Facebook. We return to our emails 30 times per hour. We spent around 13 hours online every week, which is twice as much when compared to 10 years ago.

We fill our brains with junk information, which than prevents processing of important issues. Same problem as with fast food: Information is cheap; consuming it feels good; but after you finish you feel puzzled.

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An inspiring video on horizontal segmenting and creating a vision for your customers in food industry, because “the mind doesn’t know what the tongue wants.”

Overcoming cognitive surplus with active entertainment

What are we going to do with all the spare time that is heading towards us?

What kind of question is that? - People are busy as never! Or are they? Clay Shirky, blogger and internerd visionary, says in his new book that people are less and less spending time watching TV. Yet they are more educated and affluent so there is what he calls “cognitive surplus”, unused human potential. And he asks: What are we going to do with all the time that will be freed from the TV prison?

One answer may be gaming.

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