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Fighting Information Obesity

Information obesity is not yet being diagnosed as a serious problem and yet I believe it’s an issue in today’s society. We wake up during the night and go check Facebook. We return to our emails 30 times per hour. We spent around 13 hours online every week, which is twice as much when compared to 10 years ago.

We fill our brains with junk information, which than prevents processing of important issues. Same problem as with fast food: Information is cheap; consuming it feels good; but after you finish you feel puzzled.

And yet, information -similarly to food- can be delightful when prepared with care and digested properly. We can feel better after we have consumed it, especially when it reveals some hidden causality or widens our perspective. Spare a minute and watch this recent TED presentation by David McCandless from

Diagnose yourself

 Please tick when you observe following in your behaviour.

  • Loss of concentration due to scattered activities online
  • Inability of distinguish important and unimportant
  • Inability to act due information overload
  • Brain overload usually connected to tiredness
  • Facebook and e-mail addiction (frequency of checking around 30 per day; time spent around 5 hours)
  • Lack of real social contact


1-2 ticked … casual member of information society

3 ticked … information overweight

4-6 ticked … information obese

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